Supporting Ontario Farmers

Published on August 21, 2020

Supporting Ontario Farmers

Dear Farmers,

This pandemic has certainly been hard on all of us. But it's been especially difficult for Ontario’s incredible farmers.

Over the last several months, our dedicated farmers have risen to the challenge to make sure food keeps getting from farm to fork. And as a province, we should all be so proud of how they have risen to the occasion.

All of our farmers – our grain farmers, egg and dairy farmers, beef, chicken and pork farmers, and our fruit and vegetable growers – have been working around the clock and against the odds to keep getting food to our kitchen tables.

Thanks to their efforts, consumers can be confident that when they need to pick up bread, eggs or milk, these products will be there when they need them. And I want our farmers to know that our PC government will always have their backs.

We know this pandemic has hit our farming communities hard. They need stability, income security and peace of mind.

That's why I was pleased to announce yesterday that we will be providing an additional $50 million dollars to our agricultural Risk Management Program.

Going forward, we will support farmers through this program with a total investment of $150 million dollars annually, to help provide support with unforeseen challenges such as fluctuating market prices, disease, or extreme weather events like flooding or drought.

During the last campaign, I made a promise to farmers that we would have their backs and expand this program in 2021. Now we are accelerating this commitment by a full year to help our farmers get back on their feet, as quickly as possible. 

Because this PC government stands with our farmers and recognizes that a strong farming sector will feed a strong recovery for us all.

All of Ontario is now on the path to recovery.

The historic agreement reached with Canada’s Premiers and our federal counterparts is another step in the right direction, with over $19 billion dollars in much needed COVID-19 relief funding flowing to Canada's provinces and municipalities over the next six to eight months. This will help support all of us as we work to get the economy going once again.

We're making steady progress. We're supporting our own. And we're coming back stronger than ever before.


Doug Ford