Ontario’s government is working to increase access to long term care beds in Ontario.

Published on October 02, 2019

Ontario’s government is working to increase access to long term care beds in Ontario. Applications are now open for potential and current operators to open up new beds and redevelop existing beds. These long-term care beds are part of the government's commitment to build 15,000 new beds and redevelop 15,000 existing beds over five years.

To date, the government has allocated 7,889 new beds, fulfilling more than 50 per cent of that commitment with many new long term care beds allocated to Mississauga.

"Today's call for applications brings our government one step closer to fulfilling our commitment to create 15,000 new long-term care beds and redevelop 15,000 existing beds," said Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Long-Term Care. "With an aging population, these new and redeveloped beds will help more families and residents get the support and high-quality care they need, when they need it."  

The government is inviting all parties interested in applying to build and redevelop the remaining beds, the government is encouraging non-profits and for-profits, along with and municipalities who are already involved in the sector. The government is also inviting organizations new to the long-term care sector, to submit an online application by January 17, 2020.

"I encourage all interested parties to apply and to be a part of this exciting opportunity," said Minister Fullerton. "Our government is committed to creating a 21st century long-term care system that focuses on residents, builds capacity for residents and caregivers and provides a place for our province's most vulnerable people to call home."

The actions of this government will help open up even more long term care beds on top of the beds that were allocated for Mississauga in July this included 457 new beds and upgrades for 275 existing beds. This announcement will help bring our healthcare system into the 21st century and will help address the problem of hallway healthcare in the province.

"As a registered nurse who still works in our health care system, I see the need for investment in long-term care. With 32 000 patients on a LTC waiting list and many others receiving care in our hospital as ALC (Alternative Level of Care) patients we see that this sector has been largely ignored by the previous government, creating a long-lasting negative domino effect. I am proud of the work our government has done in allocating close to 8 thousand beds in just our first year and this announcement brings us one step closer to ending hallway health care in Ontario. We need to ensure that Ontario’s seniors and patients are being cared for appropriately, in the in the appropriate facilities by the appropriate healthcare staff. This announcement gives our local care partners an opportunity to step up to the challenge and be active participants in our healthcare transformation".

                                                                                                                                                      -Natalia Kusendova MPP Mississauga Centre