Ontario Partners with Canada’s National Ballet School to Promote Accessibility and Inclusion

Published on December 10, 2021

Ontario Partners with Canada’s National Ballet School to Promote Accessibility and Inclusion

 The Ontario government is supporting local accessibility and inclusivity for children of all abilities across the province to experience and enjoy dance. Canada’s National Ballet School’s Inclusive Movement for Kids project is receiving over $100,000 through Ontario’s EnAbling Change Program, which supports diverse projects across the province that promote accessibility and inclusion.

“Dancing is for everyone. Canada’s National Ballet School is making this happen with the EnAbling Change Program funding,” said Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “This project will help make Ontario more accessible and inclusive, and will provide online resources to help open the world of dance to children with disabilities all over Ontario.”

Through the EnAbling Change grant, Canada’s National Ballet School will:

  • Leverage digital technology to train and support educators, programmers, volunteers and families in engaging kids living with disability(ies) in inclusive dance programming.
  • Deliver digital dance content and programming that is accessible, inclusive and responsive to community needs, with appropriate modifications and adaptations to support participation of kids of all abilities.
  • Build collaborative partnerships to help people discover the wide-ranging benefits of dance. Partners will contribute knowledge and expertise on the project’s development and delivery, and support knowledge mobilization activities across Ontario.
  • Receive $112,610 in funding from Ontario over a two-year period. Canada’s National Ballet School will contribute $37,537, for a total project value of $150,147.

EnAbling Change Program projects and online initiatives include educational tools, guides and public outreach programs that help communities and businesses understand the benefits of accessibility and inclusion.

“Ontario is a strong supporter of Canada’s National Ballet School and their EnAbling Change Program project is a great example of their innovative and inclusive approach to dance education,” said Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. “This project will ensure young Ontarians of all levels of ability will have more opportunities to express themselves and build their self-esteem while participating in Ontario’s vibrant, world-class arts sector.”

“We understand the need to support integrated learning opportunities for children living with disability(ies),” says John Dalrymple, Executive Director at Canada’s National Ballet School. “The EnAbling Change grant will build our capacity to support educators in delivering high-quality integrated dance programming in school and community contexts that engage all children.”