Ontario Investing in Seniors Health and Well-Being in Mississauga Centre

Published on January 25, 2020

MPP Natalia Kusendova News Release – January 24th, 2020


Ontario Investing in Seniors Health and Well-Being in Mississauga Centre

Helping Seniors Stay Active and Socially Connected Across the Province


Mississauga – Ontario is committed to helping seniors stay active, healthy, safe, independent, and socially connected in their communities. Yet, many seniors face financial and other obstacles in accessing programs and services that will help support their overall health and well-being.

That is why Ontario is investing $14.1 million to support more than 300 Seniors Active Living Centre programs in communities across the province, benefiting seniors in Mississauga Centre.

“Supporting our seniors today is about investing in all of our futures. This funding will have a direct and positive impact on seniors in communities across the province by giving them an opportunity to take part in programs and services that will help keep them active, socially connected, and healthy,” said Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “These programs and services support healthy aging and help seniors to live the quality lives they deserve.”

Seniors Active Living Centre programs support over 100,000 seniors across the province, and this funding provides a variety of programming such as social outings, trips to museums and art galleries. Educational programs such as tax clinics and technology classes; and Wellness programs such as falls prevention classes, diabetes prevention and nutrition programs. This is especially important given that about 30 per cent of Canadian seniors are at risk of becoming socially isolated.

“This funding will go a long way in helping seniors in Mississauga stay active and socially connected, while also preventing social isolation, said MPP Kusendova, Member of Provincial Parliament for Mississauga Centre. “As a registered nurse, I know the benefits of exercise, physical activity and socialization. Studies show that seniors, who stay active, experience a better quality of life and require less health interventions and less frequent visits to the hospital or their physicians.”

“We are proud to have been selected by the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility to operate a Seniors Active Living Centre for the residents of Mississauga and Brampton. In 2019, we collaborated with Visual Arts Mississauga; Tech Coaches; and Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario to provide 78 programs to over 1,000 seniors. Through an innovative and unique approach, programs & services are provided in 12 senior’s buildings to tenants and clients, and surrounding communities across the Region of Peel. We wish to express our appreciation to Minister Cho and look forward to serving our community as a SALC in 2020-202. ” said Raymond Applebaum, Chief Executive Officer Peel Senior Link.

“I am very excited to see from a city perspective that the government is advocating for seniors and making them a priority. On behalf of the City of Mississauga, I am grateful to Minister Cho and MPP Kusendova, for their advocacy for Mississauga’s seniors.” said Ron Starr, City Councilor, Ward 6.

“This funding will go a long way in helping the Active Adult Centre of Mississauga keep older adults active, healthy, engaged, and safe in their local community, as well as life-long learners, thereby improving their well-being and quality of life right here in Mississauga. I cannot imagine what my 20 years of retirement would have been like without my ‘Centre family’ and volunteer work. It has kept me active and engaged in mind and body.” said Alice Dods, Past President.

Ontario remains committed to protecting what matters most to seniors and their families.



  •     Seniors Active Living Centre programs are community-based and promote wellness and social interaction.
  •     The senior population in Ontario is the fastest growing age group. By 2023, there will be 3 million Ontarians over the age of 65.
  •     Active aging brings positive health benefits, including helping to keep seniors out of the hospital.





MPP Kusendova, Hon. Minister Raymond Cho and representatives of Wawel Villa Retirement Home and Schlegel Villages.


Minister Cho and MPP Kusendova announcing over $150 000 in funding to three senior organizations in Mississauga.

MPP Kusendova, Hon. Minister Raymond Cho and the Active Adult Centre Players Dance Group.