Ontario Investing in More Accessible Communities

Published on March 03, 2022

Ontario Investing in More Accessible Communities

The Ontario government is building a stronger, more accessible and inclusive province by investing up to $1.3 million through its EnAbling Change Program to support 14 projects across the province. These initiatives promote the importance of accessibility and provide tools and educational resources that make Ontario open to people of all abilities.

“Our government is helping people create stronger communities where people of all abilities can participate more fully in everyday life,” said Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. “We are proud to invest in these projects all across the province that will drive awareness about the value and benefits of accessibility and provide more opportunity for everyone to thrive in jobs and their communities.”

The EnAbling Change Program supports and helps raise awareness of the importance of accessibility to communities and a wide range of businesses sectors through online initiatives, educational tools and guides, and public outreach programs. This is especially important because while some disabilities can be seen, most are invisible.

Some of the projects funded most recently through the program include:

  • a virtual reality platform to help demystify disability,
  • resources for employers in the electricity and trucking sectors to help make jobs in these sectors more accessible to people with disabilities,
  • learning models to improve employment opportunities for postsecondary students with disabilities, and
  • resources to help coaches safely and effectively coach blind hockey.

The EnAbling Change Program is one more action the Ontario government is taking, along with its Advancing Accessibility in Ontario framework, to help more people participate in community activities and job opportunities and to promote a culture of inclusion.