Ontario Combating Gun and Gang Violence

Published on November 19, 2021

Ontario Combating Gun and Gang Violence

The Ontario government is investing $75.1 million to reinforce the fight against gun and gang violence in communities across the province. The funding will support initiatives that will dismantle criminal activity, enhance investigative supports, increase collaboration throughout the justice sector and stop the flow of illegal guns across the border.

Building on Ontario’s Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy, this three-year investment will include:

  • Establishing the Office of Illicit Drug Intelligence to disrupt the drug supply chain coming into Ontario and provide enhanced investigative support to identify and prevent cross-border drugs, guns, and human trafficking
  • Enhancing support for gun and gang specialized investigations to assist with firearms analysis and tracing enforcement, allowing for the timely identification of gun traffickers, their networks, and their smuggling routes
  • Creating a new Gun and Gang Mobile Prosecution Unit to prosecute major gun and gang cases from the moment charges are laid in priority regions across the province
  • Creating a provincewide joint analytics working group to enhance the ability among police services to collect and share information on gun and gang activity and trends
  • Increasing the presence of Border Enforcement Security Teams in Ontario to curtail the flow of illegal firearms entering the province
  • Supporting provincial Joint Forces Operations to formalize collaboration among jurisdictions in response to information and intelligence
  • Creating a provincial database of gun and gang activity to ensure consistency in the classification of relevant data and enhance information flow to combat gangs.

With this investment, approximately $187 million has been provided to combat gun and gang violence as part of the Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy across the province since 2018.