MPP Natalia Kusendova Welcomes New 2020 Ontario Budget

Published on November 06, 2020

MPP Natalia Kusendova Welcomes New 2020 Ontario Budget

Ontario’s 2020 Budget provides needed resources to strengthen our world-class healthcare system, support workers and job creators, and lay the foundation for Ontario’s economic recovery in the years to come

NEWS - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE               November 6, 2020

MISSISSAUGA CENTRE — Yesterday, our Government released the 2020 Budget, forming the next phase of its comprehensive action plan to respond to the serious and far-reaching health & economic impacts imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Ontario’s Action Plan: Protect, Support, Recover now commits $45 billion in supports over three years to guarantee resources needed to support individuals, families and job creators impacted by the virus are available. The Plan also lays a robust foundation for the long-term economic recovery of the province.

The Protect pillar reiterates the commitment of our government to do whatever it may take to keep Ontarians safe and healthy in the midst of the pandemic. In total, Ontario’s health response to COVID-19 is now a projected $15.2 billion, with an additional $4 billion in 2021-22 and $2 billion in 2022-23 made available respectively. This funding will ensure the Province is able to respond to changing health conditions caused by the pandemic, and furthermore support other public health initiatives like the current flu immunisation campaign and efforts to clear through the current surgical backlog in a safe manner.

The Support pillar will deliver an estimated $13.5 billion dollars to support people and job creators, ensuring that Ontario’s families, seniors, businesses and workers have the help that they need to persevere through the second wave of COVID-19 and beyond. Some notable highlights of funding under the Support pillar include payments to help families offset additional costs stemming from COVID-19 — $200 per child under age 12 and $250 for children and youth with special needs age 21 and under — alongside a new Senior Home Safety Tax Credit for the 2021 taxation year on eligible renovations up to $10,000. For eligible businesses in areas categorised as Control or Lockdown under new public health restrictions, our government is making $300 million available in relief to help cover fixed costs, such as property taxes and energy bills, with an additional $1.8 billion over the next two years through the Support for People and Jobs Fund to ensure Ontario remains responsive to emerging needs stemming from the pandemic.

Finally, the Recover pillar sets the foundation for a strong economic recovery in Ontario fueled by Ontario Made growth. With this budget, our government plans to invest $4.8 billion in initiatives to support job creation and remove growth impediments to ensure a strong and robust recovery effort in the years ahead. Among the major initiatives within this pillar include reducing electricity costs for firms, reducing taxes on jobs, and important investments in upgrading broadband infrastructure across Ontario. Moreover, our government will immediately lower high provincial business property tax rates to a rate of 0.88 per cent for over 200,000 properties — or 94 per cent of all business properties in Ontario. Through this effort, Ontario businesses will collectively enjoy $450 million in annual savings for the 2021 fiscal year, representing a 30 per cent reduction for many employers.

This budget has several notable highlights for the Region of Peel and Mississauga in particular. For instance, the commitment by our government of $116.5 million to create up to 766 more beds at 32 hospitals and alternate health facilities across the province will directly improve access to care in COVID-19 hotspots such as Peel. This commitment is in addition to the $234.5 million investment in 139 critical care beds and 1,349 hospital beds announced prior in the Fall Preparedness Plan. Our government will furthermore be accelerating projects and getting shovel in the ground faster to build needed long-term care homes in cities like Mississauga, emphasising collaboration with hospitals and municipal partners to ensure our seniors get the care they deserve. Lastly, Mississauga commuters will stand to benefit from a commitment by our government to widen Highway 401 from the Credit River to Milton — an 18 kilometre improvement.

"COVID-19 has come to have an effect on Ontarians across the province, but our government is here to protect and support them through all the means at our disposal", said MPP Kusendova. "We are now focused on ensuring robust supports for those most affected by the pandemic, including parents and families, seniors, small business owners and hard-working Ontarians everywhere. The 2020 Budget ensures a balanced commitment between public health and safety, helping Ontarians right now with critical financial supports and establishing a foundation for economic recovery through a strong focus on growth. I look forward to continuing to work with stakeholders and neighbours throughout my community as Ontario recovers from COVID-19 together."